Azariah is a Danish-American Cinematographer who graduated from American Film Institute in Los Angeles as the youngest cinematography fellow ever. He moved to LA after graduating with honors from the Danish Film & TV School, while completing a 2 year internship at J. Walter Thompson. He has worked his way up assisting since shooting his first film at 8 years old. Now at 24 he has travelled to all 7 continents, and studied in Denmark, New York, London and LA. He has shot commercials in Helsinki, documented Black Heritage for Ralph Lauren in Atlanta & NY, filmed music videos in Antarctica, captured Michelin star chefs in action in London and shot features in Dallas & Los Angeles. Azariah has worked with companies and names such as Ralph Lauren, Google, Tinashe, Raveena & Saweetie - he has had films shortlisted for Oscars, Screen at Tribeca and Selected for Camerimage.

US +1 (347)-306-0719 // DK +45 52170007